About the cookies we use, why we use them, and their impact upon you

A cookie is a small file, typically of letters and numbers, which may be placed on your computer when you access a website. Cookies generally allow the website to recognise your computer if you return to the website. If you would like more information on cookies, we recommend the internet browser cookies page.

We do track logged-in users with the purpose of understanding how you navigate through our site and therefore how we can improve your experience.


None of our cookies record any personal data or sensitive information. We do however track logged-in users to better understand how SmartScreen is used. All these cookies are important for our website to function properly and for us to supply a good service.

Cookies we use

Google Analytics

Use: Record basic computer information such as: repeat visits, page usage and country of origin. It also tracks logged-in users' navigation through the site.

Type: Third-party session and persistent cookie. Expires: The cookie lasts six months.


Use: Records an identifier that relates to your session.

Type: First party session. Expires: End of session.

Further information

Google Privacy Terms

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